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Westridge Animal Hospital

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About Us

Staff at Westridge Animal Hospital

Doctors Who Care

Westridge seeks to provide excellent preventative health care and state of the art diagnostics and treatment for every pet that enters our hospital. By extending empathy, concern, and compassion towards our clients and their pets, we aim to provide quality care, believing we have been called and gifted by God for this purpose. 

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Our Mission Defined 

We believe that health care, whether for your pet or for a person, is an extension of a calling in people's lives.  As rewarding as it is for us to provide excellent preventive health care or state of the art diagnostics and treatment for your pet friends, delivery of this level of service on a day to day basis requires that doctors and staff be gifted for this purpose.  There are far too many highs and lows for everyone that works at our hospital for it to be simply a "job."  At Westridge, we have long believed this calling to be a Divine one whether the individual called always knows it or not.  The highest level of education and training in the field of veterinary medicine cannot make up for a lack of empathy, concern, and compassion we feel is necessary to deliver the quality of care we expect to deliver for your pets.  We want both, however, we won't sacrifice the latter for the former and we believe God gifts people to embrace this understanding.  We staff our clinic with these thoughts in mind and it is THE most essential part of our mission.